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Chris Dinnage Landmark

On 15th August Elio De Angelis won the 1982 Austrian Grand Prix. The next day Chris Dinnage joined Team Lotus. A good couple of days for the Lotus marque. Bob Dance, who interviewed Chris in 1982, retained his application form complete with Bob’s note saying ‘This guy is worth a try, I reckon’. (40 years on and Bob has no regrets!)

Chris Dinnage Landmark

Chris worked closely with Ayrton Senna, and was number one mechanic on his qualifying car. He was in Estoril in 1985 to see Ayrton win his first Grand Prix. This car – 97T/2 – is in the Classic Team Lotus Works Collection and is driven by Chris when this famous car is run, occasionally. Chris was also number one mechanic for Nelson Piquet, Johnny, Herbert, Martin Donnelly and Mika Hakkinen. A pretty impressive line-up.

Team Lotus crew with 97T at Ketteringham Hall 1985

Estoril 1985; that's Chris, on the track fifth from the left, jumping higher than anyone.  (The FIA sought to ban on-track celebrations after this; not sure that would have stopped ACBC hat throwing, though.)

Chris became Classic Team Lotus Team Manager 26 years ago, since when a multitude of historic Team Lotus racing cars and their owners have benefitted from his special talents. None more so than the Chapman family.