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Team Lotus loses Willy Cowe

25th Aug 2022: Sad news today that we lost long-time stalwart of Team Lotus in the 60s, Willy Cowe. Never one to give praise when it wasn't due, Bob Dance who worked with Willy for many years told us Willy was, "a jolly good chap to work with, one of the best all-rounders in the team." High praise indeed.

Team Lotus loses Willy Cowe

Willy on the grid and in the front line of action at the Ovaltine Trophy Salooncar race at Silverstone in April of 1967 discussing car setup with Colin. From left to right are: Ray Smith, Geoff Murdoch (ESSO), Willy Cowe, Walter Hayes (Ford), ACBC and Graham Hill.

Willy with Mike Spence, Leo Wybrott and Jim Endruweit

Willy was centre-stage when Jimmy had engine trouble at Zandvoort!

... and was there when Juan Manuel-Fangio visited Cheshunt


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