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The Return of Team Lotus Legends!

Recently Classic Team Lotus had the honour of welcoming Team Lotus Legends to look around the new workshop.

The Return of Team Lotus Legends!

Richard Parramint, who had the opportunity to show them around said: “These were no ordinary gents, they are men I have looked up to for the last fifty years. Mechanics to my racing heroes in the 60’s and 70’s - Bob Dance (The Vicar), David Simms (Beaky), Dougie Garner (Auntie), Derek Mower (Joe 90) and Billy Cowes."

"To have the chance to walk around with them as they reminisced about old times and memories of the cars they worked on back in the day was incredible…the (Type) 25, 33, 49, 72 and 56b. It was extra special for Derek Mower who hadn’t seen his work mates for over 30 years as he resides in Thailand."

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"They agreed to sit down and be videoed for 30 minutes or so, memories of Colin Chapman, Jim Clark, Jochen Rindt and Graham Hill. Then off for dinner at ‘The Bird’ where the real stories came out…Stories that a man of my age shouldn’t have to hear…All I can say is…’They worked bloody hard and played even harder’!”

A very special occasion.

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