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Goodwood Members Meeting #78

Another Good Goodwood Weekend!

Arundell Cup  


Andrew Beaumont leaving the holding area  - Photography by: Steve Tarrant/Chequered Flag Services

LMJSB 2348

Lee Mowle followed by Andrew Beaumont -   Photography by: Jeff Bloxham

Andrew Beaumont - Lotus 22-35, Lee Mowle - Lotus 22-796

Andrew and Lee went out to Arundell Cup Official Practice on Saturday and qualified well, in the middle of the grid, on a damp, slowly drying track, separated from each other by just one car, come Race day on Sunday, the track was dry, both drivers made strong starts and gained 9 places each during the first 11 laps.

LMJSB 2403

Lee Mowle - Photography by: Steve Tarrant/Chequered Flag Services

Lee finished 7th, Andrew clearly enjoying the progress he was making through the field but had a moment on lap 11, and it  was race over for him.

 ABJSB 2307

Andrew Beaumont  - Photography by: Jeff Bloxham


Andrew Beaumont in the holding area - Photography by: Steve Tarrant/Chequered Flag Services

Moss Trophy

Nick May - Lotus Elite LX #1255 – 6 SME

NMJSB 3865

Nick May Early in the Race - Photography by: Jeff Bloxham

Nick May entered his unique Lotus Elite LX, Le Mans specification with 2 litre Coventry Climax FPF engine, freshly restored by CTL in the Moss Trophy, by Saturday afternoon the weather had improved, and the track was just about dry, an understandably slightly nervous Nick ventured out for Official Practice, in just a few laps his times began to tumble as his confidence in the Elite grew. Nick finished qualifying with a grin on his face having thoroughly enjoyed the session and looking forward to the race.


Nick May - Photography by: Steve Tarrant/Chequered Flag Services

The MM#78Moss Trophy Race was, in fact, Nick’s first-time racing at Goodwood, Nick enjoyed the straight line speed of the car and quickly began to master the braking and cornering to successfully finish the race gaining several places and improving on his qualifying time by some 2.5 seconds!

 NMJSB 4133

Nick May Heading Past the Pits - Photography by: Jeff Bloxham





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