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Super Zandvoort!

Classic Team Lotus Team Manager Chris Dinnage was pleased to run Andrew Beaumont in his type 76 for the recent Masters Grand Prix event at the re-modelled Zandvoort circuit.

Super Zandvoort!

Andrew on the grid with Chris, Jane McGill, and friends, beside the car 

Top historic motorsport photographer and committed Lotus supporter Elfi Jung captured the Lotus participation with some great images which can be accessed via

After a year away from the 76 Andrew admitted to being somewhat taken aback by the power and speed of his F1 Lotus, but he was soon back in the swing of it, as evidenced by a podium finish.

Chris Dinnage reported the circuit changes as being brilliant.  Zandvoort decided to wait for a year before hosting the Grand Prix; they could not bear the thought of empty grandstands.  It should be a fabulous weekend, in 2021.



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