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Lotus 72 50 Years print

A special edition of the Lotus 72 print, back printed on acrylic; one for each Grand Prix start by the nine type 72s.

Lotus 72 50 Years print

Emerson Fittipaldi was presented with the Lotus 72 print at Goodwood Speedweek

Type 72 With Plate


Team Lotus constructed nine type 72 monocoques. Michel Verrando has created this striking artwork, to celebrate 50 years since the 72 began its extraordinary six season campaign of Grand Prix and World Championship victories.

Classic Team Lotus has reproduced the artwork, back printed on acrylic, to complement Michel’s visual style and to present a fabulous finish. They are things of beauty, just like the 72. 

The Special Edition is 149 prints; one for each Grand Prix start by a type 72.

Blank Plate

A Classic Team Lotus Design & Registration plate identifies each print uniquely, stamped with chassis number and the Grand Prix. 

Type 49 With Plate

Also Michel has created a sister artwork, of the nine Lotus type 49 monocoques constructed by Team Lotus. This Special Edition of 113 – one for each GP start by a type 49 – is the perfect complement to All of the 72s; together both prints capture nine years of Team Lotus history, as realised by Clark, Hill, Andretti, Oliver, Rindt, Miles, Fittipaldi, Peterson and Ickx. Each acrylic print is identified uniquely by its Design & Registration plate, stamped with chassis number and Grand Prix.

The back of each print is signed by the Classic Team Lotus Managing Director, Clive Chapman.



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