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Lotus is greatest ever F1 car

Autosport is the leading motorsport magazine, covering the World Championship since 1950. The 1,000th World Championship race inspired the editorial team to debate the age old question; which is the greatest F1 car?

Lotus is greatest ever F1 car

In their infinite wisdom – and in the course of an excellent podcast – the decision was made in favour of the Lotus type 72.
Clive Chapman has been an avid subscriber since his boarding school days and comments: “I cannot help but be delighted by Autosport’s conclusion, even if it is just a bit of fun. I suspect Ben Anderson’s vote might have been influenced by his recent track test. The 72 is extraordinary in so many ways and we take great pride in caring for so many of the eight surviving cars (of 10). We are looking forward to celebrating 50 years of the 72 in 2020, hopefully with a unique gathering of all the cars.”
1000 GPs; What is the greatest F1 car? podcast link is available here:



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