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TSM launches a new model

29/07/14 - The latest edition to the TSM range is the superb 1978 Lotus type 78 as driven to victory to Ronnie Peterson at the South African GP.

TSM launches a new model

The Lotus 78 was introduced in the first race of 1977 and proved to be the class car of the season.  Between 1977 and 1978, the Lotus 78 would go on to win a total of 7 races under Mario Andretti, Gunnar Nilsson and later Ronnie Peterson.  Andretti himself spent a lot of time working with the car, logging thousands of miles at the Lotus test track in Hethel and describing his experience driving the 78 as if it was "painted to the road".  Even though the Lotus 79 would eventually come to dominate F1 in the next season, the Lotus 78 was a pioneer in the use of ground effects aerodynamics and remains a strong part of motorsports history to this day.

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