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Two More Show Cars Leave for Lotus China

A month or so ago the final two showcars left Hethel bound for Lotus Cars in China. They will be used to introduce and promote the Heritage side of the Lotus brand to the rapidly growing market for luxury cars in the Far East.

Two More Show Cars Leave for Lotus China

Following rapidly on the heels of the Mk I, Eleven and Type 99T that shipped out in January and have already proved a huge hit with the the Chinese audience, the Type 25 and 79 Showcars that shipped recently have raised the bar for Formula 1 display cars. They are truly stunning.

The attention to detail by everyone in the workshop has produced two more exceptional cars that are hard to distinguish from the real thing until you look under the skin. Where possible we used original parts, (such as the prototype Getrag gearbox used on the Type 79).

Otherwise the chassis, suspension and running gear are all built from the original patterns and most of the the bodywork sections on the two cars were laid up in the original moulds.