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All the 72s at Hethel

On October 14th, all eight remaining Lotus Type 72s (of the ten built) were gathered together for the first time ever. Classic Team Lotus brought the cars together at the Lotus Cars test track at Hethel for this very 'Special' day to help celebrate 50 years since guest of honour Emerson Fittipaldi became the 1972 World Champion, driving the John Player Team Lotus Type 72.

All the 72s at Hethel

As CTL gathered the eight cars together, Lotus Cars honoured the occasion with the unveiling of the Evija Fittipaldi Hypercar, a special edition in Black & Gold of eight examples of the fastest production car in the world (and a fly by from the Norfolk based Blades display team!) See the full Lotus Cars Evija-Fittipaldi video here.

From 1970 to 1975 Team Lotus constructed 10 Lotus Type 72 Formula One cars. Working together, Colin Chapman and Maurice Philippe developed a revolutionary car that raised the level of Formula One car design and performance. As Team Lotus team members from the Type 72 era reunited to see their creations brought together at Hethel, CTL were also pleased to welcome the current owners of the Type 72s to drive their cars alongside Emerson on the track.

Emerson was given an exclusive private viewing of the Evija with all eight Type 72s inside Factory 8 at Lotus cars before heading out to the test track to drive his championship winning car 72/5 alongside the other six running cars. Clive Chapman explained why this was a momentous day for any Lotus enthusiast, "as Team Lotus constructed new Works cars, from season to season, the older cars were sold off to privateer racing teams, around the world. That is why this is the first time all eight cars have been together." A truly 'special' day!