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56B Progress

CTL is making good progress with the 56B, in readiness for 50 years since Emerson raced her at Monza, in 1971.

56B Progress

H&S Aviation are doing a great job with the gas turbine engine, which is nearly ready for dyno testing.

Reverse Motor

Lead mechanic Lewis Cullington had a good visit to the hangar this week, stumbling across the original reverse gear motor, complete with belt.  Nice!

Fuel Catch Tank  

Recently Clive Chapman watched the excellent ‘Grand Prix Icon Lotus 72’ by Gary Critcher, which includes Dave ‘Beaky’ Simms reminiscing about the 56B.  Dave recalled that, unlike the type 56 indycar, the 56B did not have a so-called ‘dump tank’ to collect the cup full or so of fuel that would be purged from the engine, each time it stopped, causing the marshalls to ‘go ape!’.  We have decided to fit one….. 


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