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Minnano Motor Show 2014

08/12/14 - Classic Team Lotus Japan demonstrated the type 78 at the Minnano Motor Show at the Tokyo ODAIBA MEGA WEV

Minnano Motor Show 2014

Driving the type 78 was Mr Hideki Yamauchi , the current Japanese Super GT300 Gainer Mercedes Team Driver.  A roaring DFV sound in Tokyo Odaiba!

CTLJ also displayed Lotus T78, 97T and JPS coloured Honda TN360 Mini Truck which recently completed a restoration to period JPS Team Lotus Colouring.

Not many people knows Team Lotus had this kind of pit crew vehicle in that era. Visitors showed a lot of interest!

Minnano Motor show was produced by Famous Japanese DJ Piston Nishizawa (Japanese Chris Evans!) with many world car manufacturers

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