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The Team Lotus Register is a record of all the cars constructed, as per the original chassis build cards in the archive.

The surviving Team Lotus racing cars embody the achievements of the Marque from 1954 to 1990 and they are what collectors and enthusiasts get so excited about, especially at the countless historic motorsport events around the World. The Classic Team Lotus Register holds information about the surviving cars and their owners.

Classic Team Lotus is familiar with the whereabouts of all the Team Lotus F1, Tasman and Indy cars. The Works archives, contacts with former team personnel, the Classic Collection, the original design drawings and the expertise of its existing personnel combine to enable Classic Team Lotus to be a leading authority on the provenance of ex Works cars.

The historic racing car market place is very active. Demand is high, especially for prestigious cars eligible for the best events. More often than not the values of cars increases with time, making for happy owners.

Classic Team Lotus keeps track of the market place. Buyers and sellers of the Works cars are recommended to make contact in order to realise the best possible outcome.

Classic Team Lotus offers owners a comprehensive Historic Motor Sports Service, for the restoration, maintenance and operation of all Team Lotus racing cars, Worldwide. The race transporter transports customers’ cars around Europe and adapts to provide a hospitality facility at the circuits.

Highlights of the season, spread throughout the classic Grand Prix circuits of Europe, include:

Goodwood Members, Festival and Revival meetings

Silverstone Classic

Monaco Historique

• 8 event Grand Prix Masters Series

• 8 event HGPCA Pre 1966 F1 Championship

Formula Junior Championships – loads of races!

Ayrton Senna’s first Grand Prix winning Lotus back on track
Ayrton Senna’s first Grand Prix winning Lotus back on track

Ayrton Senna raced his Lotus Renault type 97T chassis number 2 to his first Grand Prix victory, at Estoril in the 1985 Portuguese GP. Earlier this year there was a chance this famous car was headed fo...

Colin James Crombac
Colin James Crombac

Sad news. Today we learnt of the passing of Colin Crombac who died yesterday at his home in Paris. Colin James Crombac was the son of Gérard "Jabby" Crombac and his wife Catherine and was named Colin ...

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