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The new Classic Team Lotus workshops built in 2018 are at Hethel, opposite the main Lotus Cars’ factory. Team Lotus was based in the recently demolished buildings that stood on this site in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s before moving to nearby Ketteringham Hall.

A comprehensive service for the restoration, maintenance and operation of historic Team Lotus Formula cars is available on the site of the original factory facility. 

The work is undertaken by some of the Team Lotus personnel who actually designed, built and operated the cars originally as well their apprentices who are now fully trained Formula One mechanics.

Access to original drawings and components plus new parts from the original manufacturers ensure a prestigious and efficient service.

And for those owners who believe their cars were built to be raced, Classic Team Lotus will organise everything from transport to race preparation at historic motorsport events.

Team Lotus is the only World Championship winning F1 Marque to have established a Works team for historic motorsport

To encourage and assist in the maintenance of surviving cars every effort is made to satisfy enquiries regarding specific components. Original parts’ lists, design drawings, engineers’ records, photographs and the Classic Collection enable the exact specification of the component to be confirmed. Classic Team Lotus will be pleased to supply either an original spare with appropriate certification or a new part made to the original specification.


Lotus Day 2024
Lotus Day 2024

The weekend of March 29-31 saw Lotus Day 2024 at the Zhejiang circuit in China. Clive and his sister Jane were delighted to be invited along as guests of honour by Lotus Cars and to be part of this en...

Classic Team Lotus Garden Party 2024
Classic Team Lotus Garden Party 2024

We are delighted to be announcing the 2024 Classic Team Lotus Garden Party. This splendid Celebration of Hazel & Colin Chapman Heritage will take place over the weekend of 15 & 16 June.

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