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Clive Chapman BSc(Eng);

Son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman, Clive is fully committed to the preservation and promotion of the Team Lotus racing history of which he enjoyed such an exciting and unique perspective.


Chris Dinnage;

Classic Team Lotus Team Manager who started at Team Lotus in 1982. Chris was a number one mechanic for Senna, amongst others. He has exceptional knowledge of Team Lotus racing cars and his significant competitions experience is invaluable, to both customers and team alike.  Chris has driven more varieties of F1 Lotus cars than anyone else on the planet!


Steve Allen;

Accountant. With Team Lotus since the Fittipaldi days. Dealing principally with administrative and financial matters. Steve ensures an efficiency of operation that benefits all Classic Team Lotus customers.


Kevin Smith;

With Classic Team Lotus since 1999, along with his racing preparation and attendance role, Kevin has undertaken many significant restorations and is the World expert in type 49s and 72s.  And he is pretty handy at other Lotus types, too!


Bob Dance;

With Team Lotus in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, Bob is keeping up the average by spending time with Classic Team Lotus to make it six decades of racing with the Team Lotus marque. Lead mechanic on the John Bowers’ type 25, which is still setting the pace as it did in period.


Tim Gardner;

Tim joined the team in 2007 and has developed into something of a specialist for the earlier Team Lotus racing cars. A capable and confident mechanic, both at the workshop and the circuit. He is also responsible for all the racing car spare parts and equipment used at the races which ensures the smooth running of events.


Ted Fiddy;

A career motorsport man, Ted joined the team in 2013 and became responsible for running Greg Thornton in Grand Prix Masters, winning the Championship outright in his first year with us. Lead mechanic on the restoration of 91/5, Ted is enjoying seeing this beautiful car back on track.


Anthony Allen;

Anthony joined the team in December 2014.  He holds a foundation degree in Motorsport Engineering and has been in historic motorsport for the last 11 years.  He brings a wide array of F1 knowledge to the team.


Tom Brown;

Tom joined the office team in January 2015 to assist Steve with the accounts and general office duties.  Tom is also a key member of the merchandising team 


Ryan Nixon;

In November 2015, Ryan joined us as an apprentice mechanic, since then he has completed a level two in motorsport and light vehicle maintenance. Ryan has now progressed to restoring and running cars and has proved himself as a capable member of the team.


Steve Nash;

Steve fulfills the all-important challenge of buying all the parts, supplies and services that the team needs.  He has over 20 years buying experience within the classic car market.  Previous to this he worked at Lotus Cars as a design engineer.  Steve provides vital support for the Team Manager. 


Mark Rudling;

Joined the company providing invaluable workshop support in May 2016.  Also, he is responsible for the movement of cars and parts to and from our suppliers. Prior to joining the team, Mark served for 37 years in the RAF.


Stephanie Clements;

Stephanie is playing a vital role in 2017, providing maternity cover for Sapphire Nichols.  Stephanie is ensuring that the team and customers end up in the right place at the right time, as well as maintaining the website and coordinating visits to the workshops.


Rob Ashley;

Rob joined the team at the start of the 2017 season, as the racing programme took yet another step up in business.  30 years in the motor trade took Rob to specialising in restoring classics as well as competitions experience.


Steve Jest;

Steve is one of the best fabricators in the business and we were delighted when he joined the team during the 2017 season.  Restoration and maintenance of the chassis and suspensions of the 60s, 70s and 80s F1 cars is a demanding challenge; Steve applies his skills with special care.


Brian Moss; 

With Lotus Cars for many years, Brian’s insatiable appetite for Team Lotus merchandising and memorabilia led him to supporting the Classic Team Lotus workshop activity by keeping everything ship-shape and Bristol fashion.


Jeremy Peirson;

Chief Accountant of Team Lotus in the mid Sixties and early Seventies, Jeremy has extensive knowledge of Team Lotus racing cars and has the necessary skills to develop and manage the all-important licensing of the Marque’s history.


Gene Varnier;

A senior design engineer in the Team Lotus drawing office for much of the 80s, Gene generously acts as consultant to the team regarding technical matters.

Classic Team Lotus is very fortunate to benefit from the advice and assistance of many other Team Lotus racing experts. Specialists with unique knowledge and experience.

The Directors of Classic Team Lotus are Mrs Hazel Chapman, Mr Clive Chapman and Mrs Jane Chapman.


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